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Charlies Pizza cAFE
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November 20, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I currently live close to charlies and it isnt a bad place to get food. I mean the food is fine cant complain about that one bit, but the people who work there are shaddy. Not all of them just the owners and the ones who seems to be there from the beginning are. I recently went there multiple times and ordered the same food Chicken finger dinner. There menu says there chicken finger dinner is $8.99 but i have never been charged that before. The first time they charged me 10.49 i have the receipt, next it was 10.98 and third time this week was 10.98. That made me think again about ordering form them last night so my roommate did. He got chicken wings which were 8.99, but he got charged 10.98 for them. I then asked them what the deal was they were over charging me to for the food i was getting. The employe there who seems to own the business then approached me from behind the counter and said "if i dont like the price then go someplace else" and pushed my friends food at him.

So thats why im writing this report. These people think they can over charge what their menus price says for food(to college kids who have limited money to begin with) and then intimidate them. This is why now if i ever have a friend who purchases from them i tell them to keep the receipt so that i can build a fraud case against this pizza joint. I dont know what to think of this place i like there food and there close but if they keep ripping me and my friends off then im going to take this to a legal matter.

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