Charles D Alberto Be aware of Charles D Alberto of Perla Group. Ft Lauderdale, Florida - Charles D Alberto

Charles D Alberto
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August 28, 2011, Anonymous
United States

also order an armor vehicle Toyota Land crusier Model 2011 in April 2011 and also deposited an amount US$ 74836 he never deliver the vehicle and up-to now he didn't refund my amount.

Complaint comments:

November 18, 2017, Jeffk7890
The numerous persons and companies that have previous filed legal action against Charles D’Alberto and Perla Group ( )

have redirected their claims to go after Perla’s remaining Corporate Members:

Mim D'Alberto
Marisa D'Alberto
Cristian D'Alberto
Elysa D'Alberto

Perla’s creditors have decided that if they can’t get Charles D’Alberto to pay his and Perla’s debts – they go after those Perla Members who aren’t hiding.

Charles D’Alberto can continue to hide in Lugano Switzerland and throw the other Perla Corporate Members under the bus – but justice will be served.

Legal proceedings have begun in Australia to go after Perla’s Corporate Members, excluding Charles D’Alberto.

Perla’s Corporate Members will surely regret their involvement with Charles D’Alberto and Perla’s illegal activities.
October 19, 2017, Chuckboating
All the D'Alberto's may be involved in the Perla Scam. Including Cristian D’Alberto, Elysa D’Alberto, Mim D’Alberto, and Marisa D’Alberto
October 5, 2017, Mikepepper
Yes, Charles D'Alberto is a Scammed.... Do not trust

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