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Chady Dunmore
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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Chady Dunmore, Sid Dunmore and Jeremy Dunmore have all stolen money from people in the Sacramento area. Sid Dunmore was the sociopath behind an elaborate ponzi scheme that stole money from hundreds of people in the Sacramento area. Which helped fund the fake life of Chady Dunmore.

Just search the Sacramento Superior Court website to find all the fraudulent lawsuits and Judgments against these dubois people.


The list goes on and on.

Complaint comments:

January 12, 2018, Unknown
Sid Dunmore, Jeremy Dunmore, and new associate Chris Hester are up to the same raudulent schemes only this time in the medical marijuana industry. They are using the same old ponzi scheme of taking one investors money and rather spend that money on what it was earmarked for, they embezle it to spend it on another project that they can look legitimate to get more people to invest their money which they pocket and repeat. Worse than that they have hired people for projects, normal everyday $10/hr workers, and then not paid them always promising more while asking for them to work a little longer without pay.

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