Caution must be used when using on line Dating Websites. - CAUTION when using services such as Christian Mingle- POF and TINDER.

CAUTION when using services such as Christian Mingle- POF and TINDER.
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October 18, 2018, mullie
Manhattan, New York, United States

I never in my life used a dating web site or app until March 2017. I have never had an issue meeting and attracting pretty nice guys. However, I seemed to have entered a slump where I just was not meeting people. My job became so demanding it also left little time for socializing.

In January 2017, I cautiously registered on POF and Christian Mingle. For the first 8 weeks I had a few interested guys. I met one in a public place and had dinner one night. However, that date amounted to nothing but a casual friendship.

Therefore, I also registered for Tinder in March 2017. Within a few days I had several interested guys contacting me on the web site. Most were handsome, well-built and had careers. I did have an interest in one of these guys. We had a few dates- Dinner- Movies and he took me to a wine test in New England. We seemed to be hitting it off quite well.

After about 2 months of dating he became obsessive and controlling. I became fearful and began to distance myself. He was persistent and kept calling me and coming by my place of work. I could not take it anymore and broke up with him. For about a week I heard nothing from Josh. However, after about 10 days he began stalking me- calling me all day- following me in his car. I realized Josh was a madman.

I went as far as filing a complaint with Bangor Police. This did nothing to stop this madman with a mission. His insane behavior continued. I was extremely cautious during this time period. I rarely went out alone and carried my cell at all times and some Pepper spray.

One night in December (about 8 days before Christmas)- I walked from my Town-House to the "Trading-Post" (a newspaper and mini grocery store). The store was about 6 blocks from my residence. I will never forget how cold it was this particular evening. Actually-before leaving my house I spoke to my Mother on the phone. She lovingly reminded me to bundle up and wear a hat. Mother knows best!

Anyway- I took my walk. Upon my arrival at the store I purchased a pack of mints, a diet cola and the local Bangor Maine newspaper. I left the store around 8:30 pm. I got about blocks going toward my Town_House development when I heard STOP!

Oh God- I looked up it was Josh. He said "where have you been"? I told him I was through with him and to leave me be. He seemed to ignore me altogether. He began following me. I was scared but kept my composure. He just would not leave me alone.

Josh began accusing me of cheating and lying to him. Which are two of his most famous "TRAITS". I could not take him or any more of his filthy lies any more. I reached into my purse, grabbed my pepper spray and I let him have it right in the face. Josh began shouting and threatening me.

I began to run back to my home. I finally reached home, went inside dead bolted my front and back door, set my alarm system and called Police. Anyway between the pepper spray and the Police I think Josh got the message. Never saw him again.

My point is- there are a lot of crazies out there. Many of these "Unbalanced" people are on popular dating web sites. The Internee seems to attract emotionally unstable people for some reason. Ladies-especially please be careful if you use on line dating resources. The Internet is full of Stalkers, Predators, Criminals and Sex Phene's.

Never meet anyone alone. Meet in public places such as Restaurants, Shopping Mall, Movie Theater's. If you do meet someone take things slow. If there is any hint of instability then ditch the guy immediately. You don't want to live with regret somewhere down the road.

Most Important- my girlfriend told me to check out any guy I meet on these sites on line. You can begin by doing a "Google" search of his name. Google and other search engines can reveal quite a bit of useful information for free. If you do find something negative about someone you met on line- make sure to confront them. If they deny any wrong doing and tell you that anything you find out about them on line that is negative to disregard- then you need to really be cautious. My motto is if a person tells me "ONE" lie mo matter what it is over.

Weather it be a friendship, heterosexual relationship or a mere acquaintance- one "LIE" I am done with the person PERIOD.

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