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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

As a single mother of three on welfare, and living close to this store, I thought I would give them a try. Best Value right? What an oxymoron that statement is. What they sold me was pure garbage, all I needed was washing machine for me to do my kids clothes, but after two or three cycles, it flooded my basement. Not only did it flood and ruin my basement basement floor, some new type of insect never seen before - from the appliance decided to move in and make it home, in my and my kids home. IT WAS FILTHY!

When I complained back to the store, the woman barraged me with question after question as if it were my fault their garbage broke. When I asked about their 1yr. warranty that came with it, they said they would get to it, but gave no date. That was three weeks ago...

These people are obviously from down south, and have all the characteristics of Gypsies, and though the like to portray a pro-African American Policy, they are anything but.

I have never had such a bad experience with any store in my life, and hope never to again. So now I hand wash all the kids clothes, and have to save up for another washer (New this time) but until then, they have ruined our Christmas, and do nothing but make grand claims, and provide lie on top of lie...

You have been warned.

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