CARHOP This company needs to be shut down!!! Very shady dealings and lackluster service from the Repair Shops that are referred to you by Carhop Dal - CarHop

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December 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I am at my wits end with Carhop!! I went to the Carhop on Forest Lane in Dallas, Tx on October 9th, 2010 to buy a car. When I got there the guy asked me did I have an appointment. I said " I was referred by a friend". Well he asked to wait and he told me to enter at least 12 references in the system while he made copies of my check stubs and all that. What disturbed me(and I dont know why I didnt get up and leave then) is he started to read off of this little booklet. He was reading what to say to me. Well after approximately 2 hours later, He said Congratulations you are a car owner. He had me sign all the paperwork and take a picture with the car. To make a long story short, as soon as I drove it off the lot, the car's check Engine Light came on , the airbag light, and the Change Engine Oil light. So I said I will call them in the morning Also when I got home I noticed fluid leaking from the car. Mind you I have only had this car one day. So I called Carhop and told them what was going on. They are the most insufficient, ignorant, and rude people I have ever had contact with! She was very unprofessional and gave me a list of repair shops to go to. Well I took it to this place called MASH on Forest Lane for the first time(do not go here if you live in Dallas). Well they were rude and I noticed there were several cars from Carhop there. So I am thinking this is not a good sign! Lo and behold, the car was still leaking. I called Carhop again and told them the issue wasn't fixed right. They told me to take it right back and make sure they fix it. This time it was fixed and no more leaks! Well Fast forward to November. My car's transmission started acting up. So I called Carhop again. She gave me a list of some more repair shops(that are just as shady as Carhop). So I picked a place called New World Auto Repair in Garland TX. I took it there on a Saturday and was told they couldn't work on it until Monday. So I have to get up early in the morning and catch a bus and pay 94.00 weekly on a car that is in the shop! I called them on Wednesday and they tell me the parts not there. Call back tomorrow. I call back on Thursday and same answer. So when i called back on Friday, I was very upset! I told the guy I am coming to get the car. When the parts are here(ERG Valve and transmission) give me a call. I picked the car up on Saturday. Well they called me back a week later(after Thanksgiving)and said the parts were there. I brought the car up there on a Wednesday and I was told it would be a 8 hour job. I called Thursday and It wasn't ready. They told me they were test driving it and to call back in a hour. I called back in 2 hours and no answer. Friday Morning(mind you this is December 3rd)(today) and it was finally ready. When I went to pick it up I drove it back to work. It was shuddering and leaking fluids and worse off than before! I called the guy at the repair shop and he said to bring it back! I told him I would contact my lawyer if this issue is not resolved! He said bring it back in 15 minutes. I told him I am on my lunch break and cannot bring it until tomorrow morning. he tried to tell me since it was another transmission put in, it could be low on fluids. So you mean to tell me if you put something like that on a car, you don't top the fluids off, that means the bastard could blow up and then I would be responsible..NO WAY!! What I am trying to do is maybe I can find out if I can take legal action and is there anybody out there that has sued are trying to sue Carhop. Please respond. I want to save others and myself from this terrible company!

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