cancel your loan total refund scam preying on the vunerable in financial distress to any credit card or loan debts, promising to fight a legal case fo - cancel your loan

cancel your loan
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November 25, 2010, Anonymous
United States

In early feburary 2010 I had recieved a phone call from a company called cancel your loan they had informed me that if I have any outstanding balance on my credit card that it could be cleared especially if my circumstances have changed since I applied for my card. I had a debenhams store card which i had used for my sons eczema treatment and also used it for when I moved home but found it very difficult keeping up with minimum payments on my debt of 2000. when I got this phone call I agreed for them to act on my behalf to get a refund back they took a payment of 295.00 which is the solicitors cost that I had given to them over the phone on my credit card. I really felt rushed and pressured to make this payment immediately. I done my school run and decided to go on line and check out the company and felt very upset when I realised that alot of people were complaining that this is a scam. I called the company back on the same day and told them that I have changed my mind and would like them to give me refund back. I was told that a refund will be given to me as I have not signed anything and it has been requested back within 14 days. Since then I have given many phone calls and have email from their team saying that the refund is going to be dispatched out wihin 7-14 days or a member of management will contact me back, but there has been no response. I also contacted Trading Standards for their advice and they had advised me that I should write them a letter giving them 30 days for a response otherwise a will be seeking legal action, but that did not work. I cannot afford the court costs so I have just left the matter as I feel that I have come to a dead end. Please can you help me get my money back for this matter has caused me more stress than ever and also more people like me. I look forward to hearing from you thank you. My Ripoff Report.

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