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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

California Sound sold me an alarm, tinted windows, a stereo system, 4 speakers and 1 sub-woofer + installation. When I got my quotes of nearly $1,000, they told me how they will take care of any issues I had and I noticed their warranty as stated on their receipt that they provide 1 year warranty on products and 90 days on service.

After only 2 months of having them, the sub-woofer started to go on and off on its own. I went back and spoke with a sales representative. Their technician checked it out and said that he did not find anything wrong with them. After, I took them outside and showed them; sure enough, the speakers went on and off on their own. The tech said that he did not know what caused and that they were defective. The sales rep, instead of helping, tried to sell me some more expensive speakers because the ones I got were "defective". I told him I did not want other speakers, I wanted the ones I paid for. He told me it would be a $45 charge for shipping in handling to replace them because they don't warranty speakers. I told him that there was nothing in their receipts to show that information and that their receipt clearly states that their is a 1 year warranty with no information on extra fees. The sales rep started getting rude and did not even want to give me the phone number of their so called "corporation".

I went back to talk to the manager and I got even worst rude customer service. They simply told me they would not help me out and that it was simply bad luck I got defective speakers - which they sold me by the way! He then said that they only warranty product for 30 days and I was past my time - which is not what the other guy said. I challenged him to show me where that information is located at, as it is not on the receipt or anywhere at the store. He said that it was simply there policy and that they did not have to tell me anything before hand (although he stated they try to tell their customers verbally, which he acknowledged does not happen all the time).

I told the manager that I wanted to speak to his superior and said he did not have any superiors - which is not true because he is just the manager of one of three stores (one in Hisperia, one in San Bernardino, and the one in Fontana). I also told him they had tens of complaints in the BBB many of which they don't even reply to and I found 2 potential lawsuits on their hands at their other store. He said that he actually had another lawsuit in his store and did not seem to bother him - after all, they have been in business for 10 years and still operating - that was real lack of care for customers period.

I did not even want a refund; all I wanted was for them to give me good working speakers for which I paid for in good faith.

DO NOT MAKE BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. There are several complaints on all of their 3 stores, plus lawsuits for been shady. There are pleanty of other companies near by that provide real customer service and will stand up for the service and product. If you go to this company, there is a good chance YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF. I personally could not get any resolution, but I hope others will read this + the many other complaints and will not purchase from there ever. Do your research and go somplace else.

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