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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Where to start, My wife ordered some product from buy merchant online. When we recived the product she noticed it wasnt what she ordered. She called the company to see if the right product was shipped. The man on the other end of the phone started yelling at her, so she said she had to go, and hung up the phone. Then the same person called her back and started yelling at her some more, and threatening to sue her, once again she said she had to go and hung up the phone and called me her husban.

I came home imediatlly and called the company and demanded to speek to the manager. The man said he was the owner and started to curse me out. I said all we want to know is if we recieved the right product or not. he then said he was black and he was going to sue me. That was just the start of everthing.

How do I put this. This is a nice way of saying what he said he threatend to fly down and have sex with my wife and children and kill all of us.

I dont understand why this person is the way he is. I will never buy something from him again. I did do the reverse trace on his phone number it comes up to a cell phone so he might acually own the company but whats funny is that he sounded like a arab and why he would bring race into it I have no idea I think the man is crazzy. I also noticed he had a ebay account I wish there was a way to warn thouse people.

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