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Business Credit Solutions
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November 10, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This company promises you the world and delivers nothing . When you call them they promise you that NO PERSONAL GUARANTORS are needed and for a new Corporation they will guarantee $50.000 in 6 months well after been a year with them, no communication for a month and the excuse is that :: they are bombarded of work because somebody else quit, I know this happens, but that is not an excuse, to put me in the back burner as a client who has paid the full amount and that is been there for a year and 3 months and no corporate credit because you need to have a personal guarantor as well, we never promise you that PG were not needed. So they are selling one thing different than the coaches can deliver. Recently I spoke with Manager of Corporate Credit , I asked him if he could help me to expedite or maybe to help me based on his expertise and he just said NOTHING I can do, so I feel like they don't care once they take the money they don't deliver be aware because this maybe you in the future or maybe you can report to BBB to see if they can help you in a better way.

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