Bucceri Kennels Lied, cheated, angered Qincy, Michigan - Bucceri Kennels

Bucceri Kennels
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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Bucceri Kennels is a terrible, unethical business. Buck does not send papers with his dogs and will make every excuse in the book to drag the situation out until you finally tire and give up. He needs to be sued and his whole "business" shut down. He sold me a AKC dog and then told me the papers would not be with it because they sometimes fall off the kennel on the way. My dog was in the kennel in the middle of December with 4 paper towels on the bottom of it. He was freezing and scared to death. He had a few scars from being bitten by other dogs and smelled like he had been raised in a barn. Dog poop was embedded in his fur. After numerous attemts to get Buck to send me the paperwork and hearing every excuse in the book I finally gave up. AKC has never heard of Bucceri Kennels and I would venture to say that anyone who does have papers from Bucceri Kennels has FAKE papers.
My dog was EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE until I had him neutered and was scared to death of people, especially men (wonder why?) for the first six months I had him. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH BUCCERI KENNELS

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