Bring Down My Debt This company steals your money. When we canceled the account they refunded 350.00 out of the 1500.00 we had paid to them. East Mea - Bring Down

Bring Down
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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

We saw this program advertised and thought that it was something worth checking into. After calling and inquiring about the program we decided that it was something that would be good and help us out. Well we paid this company for quite sometime and decided to stop the contract because nothing was being done with our money. Creditors were still calling because they had not received any paperwork or payments. When we discontinued the program we were told that we would be issued a refund of the money that we had paid into it. We had paid about $1500.00. When we received the refund check it was only for $367.00. When I called to inquire about this they told me that was all that we would be refunded because that was all that was in the trustee account. Where did the rest of the money go to? This company stole a good $1100.00 from us and this is not right. People work hard for their money and this needs to be stopped and taken care of. Bring down my debt has people believed that they can actually do some good for them when they can't. All they are trying to do it steal from honest people....

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