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Briley Richmond
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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My husband and I went to Billy Parlin to get some legal help with some debts we had that we did not think were ours because of identity theft. Billy refered us to Briley Richmond who works in his office some times. Briley Richmond charged us $2500 cash money in front to start working on our case. We gave him all of our papers and bills we had gotten for the credit cards someone else used in our names. Mr. Richmond never did anything. Not any thing at all. He never called the credit card companys, or did any thing else for us. Everytime we call he says to give him a week or two and that has been for over a year. Nothing has been done at all. We tried to buy a house and can't because these false bills are on our credit.

We asked Briley Richmond for our file back last week and he says he can't find it and even tried to tell us he never had it. I know he had it because I gave it to him. At this point I am ready to file a BAR COMPLAINT!!!!! Please do not give this man your money or for sure your papers. You wil never see either again.

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