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November 16, 2010, Anonymous
United States

For those people who are defending the practices of Breeder Network (to name one in particular Brenda Norwich) You are formally Breeder's Direct You changed your name in April 2010 to breeder network. I worked for you before April of 2010 and you were Breeder's Direct then. Yup the same address and location you are currently in now. A little office full of cubicles. Your interview process is simply a con! You do not conduct any background checks in to anything that they say other than what it is they tell you. For example your so called screening question Do you or anyone else helping to care for the puppy have a felony record?? How does breeder network verify that they dont? Do they think felons cant have credit cards or bank accounts? So as long as they pay, you are good with that. We read from a script. The whole conversation was simply read from a screen. Yes we did conduct an interview but you would not have a job if you denied anyone. I asked once. I had a guy who made me feel uneasy. So being new at the time I asked would I deny this guy?? No if he can pay sell the puppy. I was shocked it wasnt long after that I decided to quit. This place is just as bad as a factory. The people involved in this scam will always defend that what they are doing is to provide good quality homes to healthy top of the line pure bred dogs! Then go see the home. Conduct a background and credit check. Make sure these people can afford to care for the messes you give out. Another false practice was with bulldogs. Even though the breeder location said texas we were told by a nugget Armand we were to say they came all the way from europe. Ok well if they did great. But I doubt it. Also almost daily I found that when it came to customer service people were ingnored no calls were being returned, they were getting the run around. This place is a major scam. A wolf in sheeps clothing. A lot of smoke and mirrors to trick you into buying from "some of the most reputable breeders" Then why not post info about these breeders why not have a way to communicate and meet the breeder or look up that breeder's background. When you keep the consumer hidden from any information that protects them.....You are a scam!

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