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December 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

In deciding to order UGG boots as a Christmas present for my daughter, I went to the Amazon site to find the best deals. Boots Times was listed as a "sponsored site" on the Amazon site and therefore I felt safe in ordering from them. Boots Times site further assured 100% genuine UGG boots along with a clear return policy for products at the company's expense if the product shipped is incorrect or faulty on the company's part.

I placed the order for the UGG Classic Tall Boots in "Sand" color on 11/22/10 and at the "review page" of the ordering process was directed to ensure all the fees looked accurate. They did and I clicked submit only to discover after the fact I received an email from Boots Times that included my total plus an additional $20 not explained in the review process. I became nervous about this order and contacted the company only to be informed this additional $20 was a one time fee for shipping ... shipping fees not explained when ordering.

I emailed the company again and inquired where the boots were being shipped from and never received a reply answer. My credit card company called a few days later and inquired if I was aware a charge was made on my card from China. Now I was really nervous and just prayed the boots would make it with no issues.

The boots arrived on 12/3/10 from Shanghai China, and when I opened the box they were not the color I had ordered, but rather a white colored pair of boots. I emailed the company again and stated the color was incorrect from what was confirmed on my order. The company requested a picture sent to prove the error.

In effort to comply, I emailed the company a picture (taken in natural daylight) of the boots. The company replied admitting the color error on their part, but then refused to pay any shipping expenses to have them returned, and further suggested a $10 refund for the error. They stated it was a waste of time and money to return them, and with the $10 refund they believed I could sell them online myself.

I addressed with the company via email that they were in direct defiance of their own website's clear return policy. I have kept all communication and even took dated snapshots of their website where their policy clearly states they will incur the shipping expenses for a return request made within 30-days, when the error is on their part. Simply put this company has ceased communicating with me since their suggestion of a $10 refund and that I sell the boots online myself.

I am out my money and the gift that is the wrong color. The boots cost $99.19 in total and a $10 refund simply is not going to cover it. Therefore I want this situation reported and blasted for all to see, and hopefully the company aware that I am submitting a complaint about their fraudulent and dishonest website/services.

I contacted Amazon in effort to make them aware that one of their "sponsored sites" is dishonest, knowing full well that Amazon has no way of rectifying this matter, but just thought they would like to be aware. I was disappointed that Amazon's representative did not have any interest in taking key information and only when I pressed him did he state a claim would be filed. I am not confident any claim was filed as there was no empathy or concern demonstrated by Amazon for the blatant dishonesty and fraud from one of their "sponsored sites".

Thank you.

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