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November 23, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I recently have had calls the past two days from people who talk to my receptionist. Since I had a prior part time helper screen all calls, she has also refused any calls coming in to me that have not been for business.

I believe they have bothered two other companies with their method of saying something has to be cancelled and they owe $700. Since my company does not have a written agreement, I told them after contacting an attorney, that I would not pay or want my helper to have to pay the bill. We had not heard back from them, or other advertising places like them, but did not have anyone contact us that knew they had advertised for the accounting firm. I am in the process of at least having the phone calls stopped through my telephone company.

She is an elderly women who has payed one such service herself, but does not have the correct ownership to really authorize sucha charge. To have a recording could be a repeat spliced together as far as I know. I she wants to pay it, I feel sorry for her, and I havegotten no business from the company as I mentioned later. The company has talked to me, and continues to threaten her. I was told they are from Ohio, so I am not sure why Florida is now their address. I have not seen any invoice as of yet, or if anything was really done for my practice. The calls are back after a year!

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