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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

THANK GOD SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON THERE!!!!! I worked for Blue Lion for about 9 weeks. My first two weeks I was apparently great at signing up customers and was greatly praised by Travis and his constituents. I just got lucky with those sales BOTTOM LINE! I was not as successful in the following weeks and was given the "cold shoulder" by Travis at this point. I asked for help from other employees and Travis himself to get back up to his "standards". Even with no resolve I still drove over 1 and 1/2 hours to work from where I was living at the time and walked around knocking doors for over 10 hours a day. I was only pulling in about 1 or 2 accounts a week at this point and when it came time for me to collect my "BASE PAY" he disputed it citing that I was required to maintain a minimum of four accounts per week (which was never discussed at point of hire, though he and the AT&T liason Tiffani Thomas will not admit to) to collect my agreed amount.

THIS MEANS HE WILL NOT TAKE ANY SORT OF LOSS BY PAYING YOU HOURLY FOR THE TIME YOU PUT IN (not to mention the costs you have to foot to drive yourself around). My last week working there I was unable to attend a couple of "team meetings" (that run from 10a-12p). I still went in the field until past 8 and 9 pm and made sales that week and instead of appreciating the fact that I got out there to work in spite of being sick and broke from the cost of working there he attributed my "lack of enthusiasm" to my home life and the "unreasonable needs of my family". So when he did decide to terminate me he claimed he owed me nothing but for the 3 accounts and not my agreed upon salary for the week.

And just like the previous complainant my trainer said he would split his earnings with me for the sales I made that day, of course, I never saw a penny of that. This I could deal with. S**t happens and life goes on. But when I tried to file for unemployment and file my taxes for 2009 NO INCOME HAS BEEN REPORTED for me. Every time I try to contact him I am given the run around by whoever answers the phone. He still has not returned my calls or reported my income to the IRS. And for all of you "nay-sayers" out there that work for him or have worked for him and really thinks he cares and that this is just a great business and the money is just awesome let me give you a little food for thought..... 1) Why has he operated this same business in several other cities without success? Memphis, Kansas City, and now Cary and Columbia, SC seems strange.

2) Why is a grown man who claims to make all this money living in an apartment with two other men?

3)Why is a grown man who claims to make all this money driving around with NO DRIVER'S LISCENSE?

I am so glad sites like this exist so there is actually a record of people out there experiencing the same thing I did. I just hate it for anyone else who has to deal with Travis Lewis and his whole scam.

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