Blue Lion Marketing Ramsey Group Blue Lion is a SCAM!!!!!!! Do NOT work for this guy...Will use every trick in the book to NOT pay you!!!! Cary, North - Blue Lion Marketing

Blue Lion Marketing
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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Blue Lion is a SCAM!!! This is door to door sales for AT&T. The owner Travis Lewis steals money owed to employees, by simply Not paying you, with no excuse given. Each week you are told it will be in your next week's paycheck.

Your paycheck is never what it is supposed to be for your sales. What he does is give you a list of people who supposedly cancelled before their install dates. Which means you, the sales rep have to absorb all the brunt of this cancellation. It comes out of your pay, with no consideration that you have spent 10 plus hours M-Sat (60 hrs a week) your own gas everything, and your pay is deducted.

Also, there are sales that just sometimes don't appear in your check and they say AT&T didn't pay them for the sale and they will check into it. Once they "look into it" and say at&t corrected the mistake, it's still hard getting your missing money from this thief, Travis!

He's been known to call in on conference calls with all his employees gathered around the phone to be called and , after a very bad sales day. THIS IS TRUE!!! He does not care anything about his employees and eventually you learn this after them trying to brainwash you into believing this company is about "people helping people" ALL BS!!!

Wish I had found this site before EVER working for this guy!

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