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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Like many who have left reports before me, I was caught in Bloomstoday's "rewards" program trap. My only advice is do not buy from them. And whatever you do, don't use their coupon.

I believe the coupon is how they are trapping their customers, enrolling them in a 9.99 per month worthless rewards program, although to be honest I'm still uncertain. And btw, it's not a coupon in the normal sense. You don't get a reduction in price at the time of purchase. Instead, they charge you the full purchase price and refund you the coupon amount at a later date. I suspect this refund has something to do with the enrollment but, again, I'm not certain.

Most reputable companies send emails confirming enrollments and receipts for automatic payments. Don't expect that. And don't expect courteous customer care. When I called to get an explanation for the debits to my bank account, I dealt with an unbelievably rude CS rep, who basically told me I need to learn to read the fine print. My interpretation is "We're going to try and trick you, so watch out." In fact the woman was so blas, I suspect she not only deals with these calls on a daily basis but on a hourly one as well.

I've notified my bank of fraudulent charges, contacted the Washington DC area BBB, and filed a report with the Virgina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. (Thank you to another scam reporter for providing the link.) Takes a little time, but totally worth it if it gets these scam artists off the internet.

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