Black Mountain Furntiure Regina Boling This Company is a HUGE SCAM!!! Do NOT purchase any furniture from these people. They took a check from me for - Black Mountain Furntiure

Black Mountain Furntiure
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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Regina was sweet as can be when I initially contacted her regarding a farm style table. She was available by phone and email. Very customer service oriented and prompt in returning her messages. I was excited to make the purchase especially since Black Mountain Furniture was right here in GA! Regina and her husband agreed to meet half-way between Dahlonega and Atlanta. We met in Cumming, GA where they showed me a few pieces of furniture that they had made. It was nice looking. I would say the quality was fair. Looking back to that day, October 19, 2010, I should have realized that something wasn't right. Regina did not want me to meet her in Dahlonega..she said that she really didn't have any furniture for me to see and that she'd be happy to bring the couple of pieces to Cumming since she was making a delivery down there anyway. I agreed to meet with her, saw the furniture and gave her a check, a down payment which was 50% of the total bill. The check I wrote was for $454.75. It is now one month to the day, November 19, 2010 and I cannot believe the run around that these people have given me. On October 20th, less than 24hrs. after I had given Regina a check I called and cancelled the furniture order. We had an unexpected situation arise that would require us to put the purchase of the table on-hold. When I contacted Regina she was so nice and said that she would send a refund check to me immediately. Well I haven't spoken to Regina live. Not once. She's always going out of Tennessee, off on a trip to North Carolina, she's promised that a check as been sent by her "accountant" Pete, but he never sent it. So, Regina said last Saturday, on November 13th that she personally mailed a check to me....I'm still waiting. It does not take a week to recieve mail from Dahlonega, GA to Atlanta, GA. That's obsurd! Regina did respond to me today once i told her that the check hasn't arrived. She said that she's away for the holiday and will have limited access to her email. But, she will personally hand deliver a check to me when she gets back from her trip! I certainly hope so, but I really don't trust her. Too many stories. Too many lies. They have my $454.75! And, I want it back! These people are unprofessional and huge scam artists! My advise is to find another company. Do not purchase anything from the Black Mountain Furniture company/A.K.A. Regina Boling.

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