Black Mountain Furniture, Black Mountain Trading DO NOT order from this bsuiness. After I paid them I never heard from them nor did I receive my furni - Black Mountain Furniture

Black Mountain Furniture
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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I paid Black Mountain Furniture (Trading) to custom build me two pieces of furniture. I paid for $500 for a table and 2 benches to be completed as a set and $162.50 for the deposit on a $300 media center to be built by Craig and Reginia Boling, owners of Black Mountain Furniture. I spoke with Reginia several times regarding the exact measurements, look, and feel of the pieces. This was back in late August 2010. She assured me that the pieces would be completed within the month and that in the mean time she would UPS me wood sample stain colors to choose from.

I have never heard from her since. I have called over 10 tens times trying to get an answer from her regarding my pieces or the samples she promised. I have documented emails where I have tried to contact Reginia and Craig over 20 emails. I want a refund since they have not adequately communicated with me nor have they produced the goods the contractually agreed to produce. I sent very detailed emails and phone calls noting my desire for a refund. I still have not heard from the couple nor have I received a response from the company. If this does not get resolved the next step is small claims court.

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