Big City Construction, LLC Non Paying, Scamming Lying Creep! DON - Big City Construction

Big City Construction
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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This Jerk... will go to Labor Ready a temp agency and ask you if you want to work. Which that in itself is unprofessional. Then, he asks you outside if you want to do asphalt work for $10 an hour and take you to the job site for 10 hours without your own car. Promsies daily pay.

3 weeks later you will find yourself hunting this creep down. Not wanting to pay with every excuse in the book.

You have already laid the asphalt, busted your rear doing it for 10 hours, ruin a new pair of steel toe boots, told how great you are and how fast you are... then not paid!

This CREEEEEP get the word out and DONT HIRE HIM!!!! DONT WORK FOR HIM!!!

He gives out business cards that have an address of pacific junction, IA. His company is really out of Barlett, IA.

He is the worst business person there is!!!!!!!

Not paying 2 of us that I know of.................. CREEP


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