Maverick Mann
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December 2, 2017, JoJo
Tucson, Arizona, United States

BEWARE OF THIS DANGEROUS “MAN”!!! Maverick Mann, Maverick Marsalis, Maverick Marsellis, D Kelly Marsellis, Derek Andri Kelly, Derek Kelli-Marsalis and on & on & on. Every word out his mouth is a lie. He has a prison record. He’s a brutal cruel and calculating PIMP for real. He is “on a mission from G-d” but trust what I tell you: He is the evil one’s right hand man. He has at least 10 aliases to try to outrun his past/present illegal practices. He’s managed to skate past authorities because US law enforcement has no jurisdiction over him now. He presents to the world as a confident, wealthy, worldly, charming GENTLMAN, but he only wants 1 thing: everything you and your friends or family have. Then he disappears & takes photos of cash thrown all over his lap. Be sure “Maverick” will bleed you dry then disappear. The man has no soul. If he ever manages to con until he has any measure of celebrity, it will blow up in his face because the many many (mostly women) & men will make sure the truth comes out. He needs to go back to the underworld from whence he came. He has no Harvard MBA. He has nothing or no accomplishments he brags on. I was lucky to escape. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH HIM AND DONT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY. Every time he finds something like this (the truth) he tries anything to discredit it. I Don’t care what he thinks. #NoFucksGiven #ToLiveAndDriveInLA

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