Beachwood Hair Clinic BWHC OVER $2,500 scam- Didn't get promised service - Treated like a child by Tiffany Masiello Helt when argued for $ back Bea - Beachwood Hair Clinic

Beachwood Hair Clinic
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November 13, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Can't believe I fell for this SCAM! I was put under a lot of pressure when making my decision. They filled out the contract for me and I was required to sign at the X. When I asked what each form was for, I was told "it's just so you understand the services we provide". I wasn't given any chance to realize I was signing away $3000 of my money. The promised me I would grow my hair back, and I didn't. They take advantage of your mental state and throw it in your face when you realize nothing worked.

I wasn't provided with my four month check up to see if the procedure for hair growth was working so that we could try other options. Unfortunately my hair has started to fall out again. When I approached TIFFANY MASIELLO-HELT (Tiffany Masiello or Tiffany Helt) SHE TREATED ME LIKE A CHILD and YELLED AT ME in the meeting. She considers herself a clinical director and a professional?? She basically asked me to shut the F up. I can't believe how rudely I was treated! Even in the meeting, where I was asking for my money back, she tried to sell me another $5000 procedure. In her dreams (and her $1000 watch). If anything I will be getting that money back! I will make it my mission to get this scam all over the news papers and news channels to make sure no one else gets ripped off. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT give your money to the BEACHWOOD HAIR CLINIC OR TIFFANY MASIELLO-HELT. Horrible human beings.

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