Barry Conner Hendersonville NC-Sexual Abuser, Bad Landlord, Bad Business Partner - Barry Conner Hendersonville NC USA

Barry Conner Hendersonville NC USA
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October 2, 2018, HarryPotter2323
Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States

Barry is a lying, using, con artist who targets women for their money, property, anything he can get from them. He is a terrible landlord who throws tenants stuff on the front lawn, padlocks doors & illegally evicts. Becomes so abusive tenants are forced to leave. He's made tenants & their kids homeless. He doesn't care. He's also a bad business partner that stole money from me. He's a convicted felon who was a meth lab cook. Smokes pot and stays drunk every night. I have personally witnessed his abuse with his son. Uses his church where he's music director to find female victims. If the church starts to get wise he cries and moans and says someone is out to get him because he's such a good christian man. This is crap. He's no more christian than satan. I've located about a dozen of his victims(women he stole money from & former tenants, most have moved away & are too terrified to say anything against him). He threatened me & said if I said anything negative against him he would get his mob buddies that owe him favors to kill me, dispose of my body & he would never be caught. He said they can track down anyone in the world. I only felt brave enough to come forward after I moved to another country in Europe. He claims to have everyone, cops, local homeland office, prosecutors, lawyers, the church, mayor in his back pocket & they will do anything he wants. And if he can't get them in his back pocket he digs up dirt & blackmails them with it. Physically followed me, follows me online, skypes me. Admitted to raping me while I was passed out & giving me a pot/psychotropic drug mix that nearly killed me. He would drop his pants with his son in the other room & try to force me to give him fellatio. He's abusive, controlling and just a bad person. Avoid Barry Gueva Conner in Hendersonville NC USA like the plague.

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