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Barbara J Turner
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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Barbara Jin Turner, Beware of this woman please. She makes a living by joining MLM Companies and then tries to sue the owner and defame their name to extort money. If anyone has any questions about this Professional Extortionist please take some time to do a little research. Barbara Jin Turner 01/10/1961 of multiple addresses in Maryland. Please do not confuse this person with the Medical Doctor also located in Maryland.

AKA Barbara Korchia, Barbara Korchia Turner

Barbara recently posted on MLM Watchdog guest list and publicly said she wanted to be the "crooks worst nightmare". This lady has an agenda to extort money and ruin people's name. She also admitted in this same post she is a memember of many MLM Companies and is specifically targeting "Peter Wolfing Easy1up, Phone Broadcast Club, Extract Master, Scraper Pro, etc. Please search the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, enter her name(s) and DOB and see where she was sued by Alpine for this same type of Extortion, among many other interesting CRIMINAL, CIVIL and BANKRUPTCY issues.

Please search read Barbara Turner's reply. Ms. Turner clearly tries to EXTORT $75,000.00 from this company and owner. She also threatens that she will turn the company into the FDA and FTC if her demands are not met.

Ms Turner makes a claim against Dreamlife Products where she gave a sad story and said she spent her life savings of $2000 to invest in this company, she failed and tried to extort the owner.

If anyone has questions about the integerty or character of this woman please do a little research, it is at your finger tips and the truth will come out!

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