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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My complaints:

1 Even though the bank has communicated to me in the past via email, they sent a certified letter informing me of my 2.49 overdrawn balance.

1 My card should not accepted the charge to over draw the account.

3 The letter was delayed because it required me to go to the post office to sign and pick up. I, like most people, work during the day.

4 The daily fees had been occuring well before my notification reached me.

5 Transfering money from an outside bank will take a few DAYS to set up and requires witten forms to be filled out and mailed back in.

6 The account is unable to be closed with a negative balance.

7 I simply have to WAIT until my direct deposit occurs to severe my ties to this bank.

8 The convoluted website does not list simple instructions on how to transfer money into the accounts.

9 Once again you must wait another day to talk to a Sevice Rep (don't forget the daily charge)

Why is my online bank communicating to me through mail of which I need to find time to pick up at the post office?

Why does an online transfer need to be filled out on paper and mailed back?

What century are we in?

I am not saying I don't owe the money. This bank makes it almost impossible to get the money to them if you are not near a branch.

I wish I would have read the complaints first, $150 later.

DO NOT USE THIS BANK! There are much better online banks out there.

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