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March 21, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Good corporate call, Don Weis. You have been a respected member of the Los Cabos community for many years. It is easy to be taken in by a criminals glib charm. Down the line, having Anne Metcalfe as an employee, was going to cost you a lot more than just a report about her. Consider it a favor. May it be noted that this criminal should not be working in any capacity where people are in danger of her mere presence and access to the ability to scam people. Her dangerous and fraudulent behavior was still going on behind your back as your employee as she was in the process of extorting property and money from other individuals that is not hers to claim. The severe danger comes to light when she will, at any cost, use the threat of Federal Government criminal filings against you to her short term advantage to extort a person with the use of fraud, claiming fraud against herself, and freighted you away from filing any charges against her, as the Los Cabos International Film Festival has copied her audacity to do the same. They are both frauds and extremely dangerous. Even though the innocence of their victims is evident, the mere trouble of the record at hand and the long term complications that may follow, leaves one to question the headache to follow through putting certain dangerous criminals away. In return, the criminals get away with scamming and destroying innocent victims for the rest of their lives, even at the time the criminals are eluding prison time themselves by means of fraudulent documentation from prior criminal case history. Best of luck to you Don and your team and keep up the good work in Los Cabos.

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January 6, 2018, moormanc
The author of this absurd complaints never reveals herself. It is sad that one person can be so petty and assault a person's character. You are a coward for posting this things across the internet. You are a internet bottom feeder.

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