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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

When we tried to file a claim with Verizon Wireless's insurance carrier, Asurion, for a broken phone, we found out that Asurion wants $50 to replace a Samsung Haven that Verizon is giving away free! And this is after twelve years of being a Verizon customer and paying the $5 monthly insurance premium. Not a bargain.

Asurion's phone line urges you to use their website, , to get much faster service. The site triggers "Security Certificate Errors" from my computer's security systems and at one point Windows Internet Security redirected me to a warning page and I was forced to click on "proceed to page anyway (not recommended)" to continue on Asurion's The homepage has numerous (okay, nine) unprofessional exclamation points all over their assertions and links, and says "Select your carrier and we are OFF!" What? This does not assure me of their seriousness or professionalism at all.

The consumer is not informed until AFTER entering private information (on a questionable site) that there will be a $50 charge to replace the phone. The FREE phone.

The website runs you in circles trying to find out who to complain to about this fee (which they deceitfully call a "deductible"). You are assigned a claim number right away, so I wanted to send a very pointed letter to some head honchos telling them why they were NOT going to get $50 from THIS consumer and claim number such and such would never be completed.

After being directed to their 1-888-881-2622 phone number for Verizon customers, which directs you to the website, which directs you to 18888812622... I finally found a page claiming that they "love to hear" from their customers (?!) and the link to write them a letter gets a page with... wait for it... SIX different addresses, with no way to tell which one is the main headquarters. Four of the addresses go to a Suite (which says little phonebank boilerroom to me, the kind of place where the manger, who was new six weeks ago because the last guy walked off the job, has to drive around town looking for people with "need work" signs to man the phonebank because the operators from yesterday walked off the job...sorry, my imagination is vivid.).

I am NOT going to pay their fee! I can get the Samsung Haven for a lot less by other internet sources. Just a word to the wise--beware of Asurion! And be very sure the monthly insurance fee is worth what you are paying. In my case, it wasn't.

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