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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

See the following. This is for BOSSSERVICES.ORG carpet cleaning company. A very bad experience and they even didn't call back and were very bossy in talking.

The tech person who was about to come that day, he has to leave for his next appointment and will do all the job in 30 mins (he called earlier in the day) and I checked with Boss and they said, he dont have any appointment for that day. He came finally (2nd time, first time nobody from BOSS team/tech carpet contractor/person showed/called me up) and ran off (without even saying a word) when I asked what's 30 day guarantee thing.. he was very unprofessional. OTHER things, I called BOSS company same evening, one of the representative told me that I have to pay for the new/next Tech person's visit (I thought in my mind, what the heck)!!!!!!

BOSS person forgot that it was not my fault when first time boss person didn't show up (as they had my wrong contact#) and next time the one (carpet cleaning person) who came just ran away after listening 30 day warranty thing. BOSS person gave me 3 different quotes whenever i spoke to a different person and when I said the other person promissed me this quote, they said he's don't know anything and im his BOSS so whatever she's was saying (the boss lady), i have to listen; and that seems very unprofessional as well. I even don't think that BOSS team have their own tech persons, they just call some bogus/3rd party cheap carpet cleaners and send it to your home................

Finally i thought I SHOULD NOT USE THEIR Service and let others know about their clever cheat tricks how they make fool of customers very easily. Don't worry. Im not pissed but I'm not HAPPY either with what BOSS said, they will do and what their site reflects online about their services.

See the chat with boss person first that confirs that he didn't had any appointment that day after my appointment. ..............

Chat Content:

Cathy C: [3:14:57 PM] Ok, thank you for visiting. Was that carpet cleaning you wanted a quote on?

Guest: [3:15:07 PM] you there Cathy?

Cathy C: [3:15:24 PM] Yes-can I help you

Guest: [3:15:45 PM] this is arun. 2 ?s

Cathy C: [3:15:55 PM] can I help you

Guest: [3:16:12 PM] How much time usually a personspends for cleaning 3 rooms

[3:16:28 PM] from bossservices

Cathy C: [3:16:38 PM] about 90 minutes

Guest: [3:16:51 PM] that's 1.30 mins.

[3:17:03 PM] what's the tech person's name who is coming today?

[3:17:09 PM] and his contact#

Cathy C: [3:17:36 PM] You can call us if you need anything and it is either Henry or Eric

Guest: [3:17:43 PM] ok

[3:18:05 PM] does he has any other appt.. after my appointment today?

Cathy C: [3:18:11 PM] No

[3:18:20 PM] Why?

Guest: [3:18:26 PM] ok.. just checking.

Cathy C: [3:18:39 PM] Great-we will see you later

Guest: [3:18:43 PM] thanks Cathy..

Cathy C: [3:18:45 PM] Thanks again. Bty

Guest: [3:18:52 PM] i'll get back to you if reqd.

Cathy C: [3:18:53 PM] Bye :)

Guest: [3:18:56 PM] k

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