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ARS Rescue Rooter
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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My husband and I originally called ARS Rescue
Service to have them check out a 7 year old GasPac system that was not cooling
my house properly. On August 24, 2010, Matt came out to service the system. I asked Matt if his company
was a member of BBB and he said Absolutely. (I cannot find anything telling me
this is so.)

was charged originally $89.00 but after giving him the coupon I had I was
charged $35.00. That was just for the so-called tune up. He said he had to
replace a Dual 45/5 capacitor and chemically clean coils. Total price was
$409.00. The invoice he left with us said he checked and serviced gas pac, and
that the equipment was operating properly. Parts have 1 year warranty. My
husband paid him but had a bad feeling about it.

house continued to get stay warm and we called them to come back and fix what
they said they had fixed. Phone tag, left messages that weren't returned.
Finally Jason comes out on September 16, 2010. He proceeded to clean
coils (which Matt had supposedly cleaned) and told us we needed to look at a
new gasPac. Started talking thousands of
dollars. This time my husband was alone when Jason came, and my husbandwho is
elderly and disabledcalled me on my cell phone. I could not get home right
then and told him PLEASE DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! From what I was hearing, these
people were thinking they could take advantage of this older man who was
shaking with Parkinsons Disease. They tried to talk him into moving the
thermostatwhich had always been working fine until now--

does ARS Rescue Rooter get the guts to charge a consumer $409 for a repair like
this, and still the problem is not fixed? We are now going into winter and
needing the heater, and we are having to call out a service man from another
company this very dayour unit has NOT been repaired. And then on top of that,
try to talk him into buying a whole new unit?

would like to have our money, $409.00, refunded as the so called serviceman did
nothing but waste our time, and added a TON of stress to a sick elderly man and
his caregiver. There has to be some recourse for something like this.

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