Armstrong Steel Buildings Armstrong Steel GREEDY THEIFS AND COLD HEARTED SCAM ARTIST. Greenwood Village, Colorado -

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December 29, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Where do I begin to start with this company. I am an X employee to start off. Lets talk to the customers looking to buy from Armstrong Steel first ok! Do not believe one word out of the sales person's mouth....75% of it is a LIE! They tell you its has a 50 year warranty well in fact when you sign the agreement it doesn't have a warranty any where on it. So if something happen you are SOL. They also claim they have the best building on the market when in fact it is very close to the cheapest. i will explain more about this soon. The customers are not getting stainless steel Fasteners as well. What ever the sales person is telling you it is a LIE. They say once you sign off on Fabrication forms you will have your building in about 4-6 weeks. LIE! try 4-6 months. To explain my situation I was only there for a few months and didn't know this was happening. NOW, They will tell you one price for it up front and all you have to do is put the deposit down then when it gets to the (back of the house) as we called it, the client would up charged a hell of a lot more. Let me give you some numbers to think about and see if this makes since. The sales person would get the price of the steel and freight so we thought any ways and then charge 1000 profit on top of that. The sales person would make anywhere from 500 to 1500 depending on how many sales he did that month. Yes I said 1500 mmmmmmm u follow me so far. Meaning how does he get paid 1500 on something that only had 1000 profit on. Well Ethan who is the President and Eric who is the Vice President tells us the building only cost so much when in deed we all ready had 3 to 8000 profit on the building when the clients signs up. This is not counting the crazy BS lines they give you in the back of the house when they up sale you on things that you were already promised from the sales men. So not only are they lying to the customer they are lying to their own employees. Meaning the Labor board would have a field day with this one. Now as far as I go I got hired on and had let them know about a vacation I had already set up 5 months in advance to me working there. Also that I see my doctor every 10 tens and that this is a must see kindof thing. Well since the GM that hired me got dropped down I had to tell someone about my vacation which was coming up in 2 weeks. I had told Eric the VP about it then later on that day I went to see my doctor. The time frame of me leaving is around 3:30 every ten days so i eat my lunch at my desk and take my lunch when I go see the doctor. This means I am only not working for 30 minutes out of every ten days. Needless to say they packed my stuff up as soon as I left and put it in a box up front. Also didn't pay me what was due to me as well. They didn't have the balls to come tell me why I was fired but I new why because of vacation time that they don't like anyone to have but them. We have to all wear suits and ties when they come in in jeans not shaved t shirts and hats. Looking like bums. Anyways I would not buy a building from these guys or ever work for them.

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