Arianna Cawood Arianna Davidson, This personis a fly by night thief, preying on honest craigslist users around the US. Internet - Arianna Cawood

Arianna Cawood
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November 10, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This person changes the last name depending on what city he/she is preying on. Beware of the unbeleivable price too!! An iPad for $460.00 ? what a moron!!

Watch the important title and company names he/she mocks up. Beware. keep your money safe!

This is what he/she wrote:

Hi Doris, Well, I found a way to sell you the ipad that will cover the both of us. It's a worldwide delivery company called TNT. They have a service that will allow you to test the ipad before I receive my payment.
Please go to the TNT website below and read their procedure so we can be on the same page: I will pay the TNT shipping fee. Thanks. Arianna Cawood
Chief Logistic Officer --------------------------

Hi, I am getting back to you regarding the 64GB 3G iPad from Craigslist My name is Arianna and I am now in Torino, Italy.
I am selling the ipad for $450 USD. I have attached some pics with it to this email.
The ipad is still available and I hope you are still interested. The ipad was bought brand new from Apple a few weeks ago.
About the ipad I can say it's in perfect shape, as I used it only for a few weeks. Included in the $450 price is everything that came with the ipad.
The ipad is here with me.
I tried to be as thorough as I could with the presentation so you can have all the info if you decide to go ahead and buy it. Please get back to me and let me know if you like the ipad if you're really interested in buying it. Thanks,
Arianna Chief Logistic Officer

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