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Aquaguard Waterproofing
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November 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I hired Aquaguard to the tune of $9,000 to extend my driveway ($2000) and put french drains in my back and side yards to keep water from sheeting down a hill onto my driveway (7000). Five months later, the work remains unsatisfactory after so many calls, I can't count them. They sold me a plan to install french drains and build a dry well. Work was stopped when they failed to get a permit. For two months a huge hole remained in my side yard which was not only unsighly but hazardous, not to mention the stop work order on my door. Once a permit was issued, they changed plans, and it has never worked right. After it rains i have water sheeting down the driveway for almost a week. This is a dangerous situation. I have spoken to the foreman and the General Manager so many times it is crazy. i send them pictures of the wet driveway and ask what they are going to do. The foreman says it needs additional culverts but has not put them in. The manager just talks to the foreman. Do not trust this company with outside work, they will do the minimum and never show up to finish the job right.

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