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APW Film
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September 17, 2011, Anonymous
United States

-WARNING - WARNING -WARNING - WARNING -WARNING - WARNING -WARNING - I am a Federal Government employee and my task is to do back ground checks on outside contractors working in Federal Government buildings. Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD)
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Personnel Screening Division
Place du Portage, Phase III, 0B3
11 Laurier Street, Gatineau QC
2745 Iris Street, 2nd Floor
Ottawa ON K1A 0S5 I am reporting this on the scam report because I believe this information is important to the public at large. APW Film (a window tint company) owned and operated by Nathan Saikali was to bring in a crew of 4 to tint windows in one of our buildings. As is the protocol APW Film submitted names of his 4 window tinters and one name was RED FLAGED. Lenard Wats, 50 years old, is a convicted sex offender and was refused entry. Mr. Saikali gave me his assurances that Mr. Watts is reformed and would be closely monitored by the other 3 window tinters while on the job. I instructed Mr. Saikali that in no way would Lenard Wats ever be allowed into any Federal Government building as his record shows a series of violent sex offences and no matter how much religion he got, the man is dangerous and Government policy is to reject persons who have been convicted of any criminal offense from entering sensitive and secured locations. This is a warning to anyone using APW Film services, before allowing them into your building, facility, or home verify if their back grounds. Just because a sex offender gets religion it does not cure them of being twisted and sick. Confession maybe good for their souls, but being victimized, abused, raped, is a life long sentence. God may forgive sex offenders, but I don’t and neither should you.

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