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November 15, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I applied for a writing position for this company and was hired. No problem accept that I was told I would be paid $500.00 a week for writing 6 small articles and reviewing a couple of ads per day. I spoke with Ashley and everything seemed on the up and up , until a few red flags became apparent. Fist of all when proceeded to ask questions she seemed to be unsure of her answers and appeared to be reading from a script. There was a brief application that I filled out on line but no paper work was sent over to me. The website looks like it was thrown up in an hour. They are supposed to be a media company and their site looks very unprofessional. I was chatting on the sites chat log with another person who was hired and questioning my concerns. Less than an hour later the chat log was removed as was my ability to post on my wall. The answer to that was that it was simply removed! As to why I was not able to post on my wall.there was no answer to explain this. A couple of hours later I went back on the site and all of the messages from other so called employees had been dismantled and removed from the site. when I tried to call Ashley she would not pick up the phone. So here's the thing Apple Berry or whoever you are. I will not write articles for free or anything for that matter.I am on to you! $500.00 a week for 6 meesley articles???? Ya right! You are not even smart enough to look professional and you answer as to why you cannot be found anywhere on the internet is lame as well-" We don't want an overflow of responses. we want to keep them minimal within the company." Another line of BS once again from some scam scammer who wants to waste our time. Ashley, or whoever you thanks!!!

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