Antonio silva/medical intuitive/healer keith silva WON'T RETURN MY $120.00,LIED,INCREASED SERVICE TO$180.00. boulder, Colorado - Antonio silva/medical intuitive/healer

Antonio silva/medical intuitive/healer
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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On October 14, 2010 I purchased a healing session with antonio silva. The website was originally a green website and the fee charge was $120.00. I wanted to make some copies of the website to give to some friends who needed a healing, so I went back the next day to the library to print some copies and could not find the website...... I kept searching and searching and I could not find the website. This other website kept coming up, and it was reading antonio silva and it was saying something entirely different, and the fee charge was $180.00. I was like you got to be kidding me!!!.... I sent an e-mail to the website asking is keith silva and antonio silva the same person because the paypal system listed him as keith silva........I mention to him the green website and that the fee charge said $120.00 and all of a sudden that website is gone and now their is another website saying something entirely different and i would like my money back!!!.............antonio silva was offended and said he would refund my money. and as of this day i still have not received my on november 24, 2010, i sent antonio silva an e-mail stating to him that i have not received my $120.00 back, and in so many words he is not planning to send my money back. antonio silva said to me in the e-mail that he sent back that i want something for nothing..........ain't that some shit!!! a $120.00 is alot of money for 1 hour. i would like to file a lawsuit to get my money back!!!.............. thatwas my rent money!!!

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