Annuity Gold Mine Mark Sugarman Get out your boots.... this guy is full of it!! Internet, Internet - Annuity Gold Mine

Annuity Gold Mine
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November 11, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Total misrepresentation of what they claim to do for you. Claim: They make qualified appts. Truth: People do not know why you are even there, who you are or who you represent. Claim: They will secure you 10 appts with at least one sale or they will get you another 10 appts. Truth: They have you run all over God's green earth and when you question Mark, he gets defensive and hangs up you over and over and over again. Claim: They are savvy. Truth: They are maipulative liars and have no regard for do not call laws. I could go on for hours. Mark promised me that a 3400 piece mailing went out on my behalf. Nothing! They sure were quick to cash the check!!

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