Angie Noland Little bit Ranch Sells Parvo Pups and does not stand behind her health guarantee that is stated on her own website Unionville, Missouri - Angie Noland

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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
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Anyone who has purchased or are interested in a puppy from little bit ranch should be aware of the fact that this ranch has the deadly Parvo Virus. I recieved my boarder collie pup on 11/30/2010. In less than 48 hrs, he was admitted to an emergency vet hospital where he still is today. My puppy has been fighting for his life for almost a week. I have contacted Angie Noland on several occassions. Angie has even spoke to my own vet in regards to this matter, in which she was told the tests performed and expressed symptoms were definately positive for Parvo Virus. Angie Noland tried to convince us that it wasnt Parvo, it was something else. Has Angie Noland became a vet in the past week that I am unaware of??? She is a Liar!! Angie Noland CLEARLY states on her website a "health guarantee" for up to 72 hrs for Parvo Virus. Angie Noland has since turned off her phone and will not answer my calls. She will most definately be hearing from my attorney and my vet who has also filed the appropriate papers. My vet is also willing to go on record that he spoke with Angie Noland. I also spoke with her husband, Danny Noland, who at the time stated he would clear up this matter and give us the contact info for there vet. This of course never happened. Just another Noland Lie at the Little bit Ranch. Bottom line they dont back up guarantees and they sell sick puppies. Here is her website and her guarantee..why wont you back your guarantee?

Little Bit Ranch

Guarentees and Shipping

All PUPPIES AND ADULT DOGS HAVE a 72 hour health GUARANTEE they must be checked by your vet within 72 hours after purchase or all guarantees are VOID that is including diseases like distemper,parvo, adenovirus type 1 & 2. We do guarantee our puppies till their one year old birthdate against hereditary defects such as hip displasia and eyes. All puppies have 2 sets of shots before they leave here. They are given two 5 way puppy shots. They are also wormed every 1-2 weeks. We ship puppies from the airport (Kansas City,Mo) on Monday nights for Tuesday delivery.

Shipping is usually around $250 for each puppy.

All puppies will be vet checked before they leave here. All Puppies are sold with Full Breeding Rights unless stated or told differently. They are all also Registered with American Stock Dog Registry.

Shipping is done from the Kansas City, Mo Airport on Monday nights for Tuesday delivery. One of my girl friends take them down there for me and she makes all flight arrangements. Since we live about three hours from the airport.

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