Angela Palacios, World Bike, Yeanina Oliva, Rafael Martinez, Do Not Loan This Company or These People Money, You Will Never Get it Back. They Are Lia - Angela Palacios

Angela Palacios
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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I loaned Angela Palacios $5,000.00 to promote her tourism company, World Bike, in 2008 at the request of her and her daughter, Yeanina Oliva. I went with her to help with a trade show and helped her promote the business in Long Beach, CA.

After loaning her the money, Angela and her daughter kept promising to pay. Angela went back to the U.S. and never did paid me back. I was forced to take Angela to Small Claims court when she happened to be in the United States two years later. Only then did she pay some of the money so she would not have to bring her tax returns and bank statements to court.

She still owes me 1,900 and refuses to pay, and I now have no choice but go to court again if I want any chance of recuperating the money I lost.

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