Anacott Financial Do Not Believe Their Lies!! You will lose your money if you give them your bank information. Internet - Anacott Financial

Anacott Financial
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November 28, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This organization is very misleading and dishonest!! When you first apply, Anacott Financial will tell you that you are approved for a credit card in the amount of few thousand dollars.

They will then tell you that you will need to fax them copies of your Drivers Licence and Debit Card because they need to charge you a $99.00 processing fee and after your first purchase, you will be refunded the $99.00 fee.

Here's where the trouble starts. The credit card isn't a Visa or Master Card. The credit card only works with their organization and you can only purchase two items. First item is a "Credit Repair Kit" in the amount of $599.00. The second item is with a "Credit Repair Expert" at $50.00 per hour.

More importantly, after they have removed the $99.00 from your account, you will never be able to speak with anybody again from their organization. If you try to contact them via their web site, you'll get a message that someone will contact you. It never happens!! If you try to call them, you will only get a recording to leave a message, but the voice mailbox will ALWAYS be full and you will not be able to leave a message.

PLEASE, Do Not Give Them Anything or you will be SORRY!!

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