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American Shingle
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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

A salesman American Shingle and Siding first approached me at my home not long after a hail storm had hit our area. We knew we needed a new roof, and the guy was nice, so we went ahead and signed up with them. We signed documents that all we owed was our home insurance deductible, $1000, and that it was due only after the work was done. Well, everything went well and we were happy. The installation was delayed about 2 months past when it was supposed to be, but no biggie. After the first big delay, we received a bill for the $1000. I called them to ask what was up and told them that it had not been installed yet. They apologized and told me to throw away the bill, as another one would be sent out after the install happened. Another bill did come after it was finally installed, and I paid it in full by mailing a check. Now, over 8 months later, I have gotten a letter from CRM Service Company (debt collectors) saying that I owe another $131.72. The letter also states that the company is now in bankruptcy (case #10-85541-MGD filed with the US Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division-Jordan Lubin, Trustee) This company is a bunch of crooks and they're trying to scam people for every penny that they can get. If you Google them, you will find a bunch of articles saying that they cashed the deductible check before completing work - American Shingle and Siding then went into bankruptcy and left people with unfinished roofs.

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