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June 17, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Happy Summer! I hope you're planning on enjoying it, like my family did a couple of years ago! We found someone to do some work on a deck for us--power washing, staining, etc. Mr. Isbell showed up, provided a bid and showed us his proof of insurance and started the work. Sort of. This started at the end of May 2009. It pretty much never ended--that is, the project was never completed to satisfaction, our property was damaged (stain on siding, stain on patio pavers, etc.). Now we're paying about the same we paid Mr. Isbell for someone to come out and correct his work, with the exception of the damage to the property, to which Mr. Isbell stated "sometimes these things happen", which according to the professionals we hired, is not an excuse. Mr. Isbell will quote you a price, ask for money and then nickel and dime you along the way. "Can I have $40" here and there, and work never being completed as promised, constant excuses ("I have to get money, so this other work comes first") even though contracts were in place. You can check him on Angie's List; I'm not going to pay just to write him the fair review he deserves, but he's listed here: You should also check out Ripoff Report (just found this, sounds fairly familiar): This is your "Buyer Beware" warning; I'm not stating anything that isn't true--and I contacted an attorney in regards to our dealings with Mr. Isbell. Frankly, it's less expensive to hire a real professional to re-do the work than to have to deal with the headaches this man causes, and I am pretty sure he knows that. And, if nothing else, ask for references and photos of work from whomever you choose. Call and verify their insurance coverage. And don't give in to sob stories and pay outside of the terms--I was a sucker, and hopefully you can learn from me and my families misplaced generosity.

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August 28, 2018, Karmasabitch
Wayne Isbell is the worst person you will ever come to know. He only cares about himself. He lies and brags and fabricates stories until he gets what he wants. He is violent and destructive in all his areas of life. He is 55 living in mommy and daddies basement alwhile they (now late 70's) raise his 14 year old daughter since 5years old. His poor parents have to forgo their retirement, work longer into their lives to raise his child all because he is/nor will ever be a responsible/good parent. He has no employees, carries no insurance to protect homeowners from his shoddy work. He will take and take and take and take and take and take until the end of time. DONT HIRE HIM!

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