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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On Friday, Nov 19th A Middle Eastern woman calling herself Lessa McCoy called my co-worker and left a message on her answering machine saying I was invovled in a lawsuit and if she did not call her back...her credit was going to be ruined. The number she left was 1-863-614-0702 ext.7999901. I went over to my co-worker's house and we called this never identified a company or anything...just went to voicemail...oops sorry it is full you cannot leave a message. So we decided to call the number they called from...(402)-291-3721 (Dr. Stacy's Dental Office on Nebraska)?????

On Monday, Nov 22nd A Middle Eastern man calling himself Mark Brown said he was calling from American Law Division accredited with the BBB out of Florida. He gave me a case file # and said there were 3 allegations of fraud against me and that there was going to be a warrant out for my arrest the next day. He started yelling demanding to know why I would commit fraud and why I refused to pay back my loan from Cash Advance America. I said I did not even know what he was talking about...I started asking questions...a date/amount/company...he just keep telling me I was going to jail and would not answer my questions...told me I would have to speak to someone from CAA. He supposedly connected me to this guy (it was strange because you could hear him talking to this guy...just like if someone picked up another extension in the same place) the guy from CCA said he was not speaking to me and I was going to jail for what I had done...the first guy told him to just talk to he did (sort of) if you call yelling at me - telling me I commited fraud and was going to jail talking! He claims to have emailed me 8 times and that I never responded. I asked him to tell me from what email address it was sent from that I had my deleted emails in front of me and I would look it up...he told me it was I searched clear back to Jan/2010 and no results found. He said it must be in my spam folder...I told him I did not have a second email address...he started getting angry. I then asked for more info about the alleged cash advance...the date, amt, etc...He was outraged and said do you remember 115 companies claiming that CCA is actually 115 different companies....and told me he was done talking to me and told me I was going to jail. Then the first guy got back all of a sudden he is willing to settle if I pay the full amount of $1786.00! He wanted me to fax the following: Attn: Mark Brown, I my name having the following Social Security number...was not my intention to commit any fraud with the company...I asked him what company...he said to just word it like that...I would like to pay the full amount from my checking account with my Routing number and checking account number or Debit Card information. I told him I did not have the money in my checking...he said hold on a minute and he would check with the guy at CCA to see if he would take a credit took a whole minute to call this guy and get his then he said to list the Credit Card information on there instead....a copy of my Driver's Liscense and fax it to 305-390-2797 or 813-345-4642. I asked him why 2 different ones...he said in case the first one did not work????? He asked how long it would take me to fax this and told me several places I could do so. I hung up with him and called my local Police. They tried to call the number to talk to the guy but the phone was busy. They wrote down all the information and said they would investigate. About 15 minutes after they left...he called back to confirm I had faxed the information...I said "no sir" I called my local police and they are doing some investigation into the matter. He paused a minute and said "police" I said yeah...they just left here...he said "no problem" and hung up. I had hoped this would be the end of it...WRONG!

On Tue, Nov 30th a Middle Eastern man calling himself WM Johnson called my co-worker again and asked her if she knew me and that she was to give me a message that I am being sued in a lawsuit and was going to jail. The number he left was 469-582-7509. I tried calling this number from 2 seperate cell phones and there was nothing would not even ring. We contacted the Police inform them of this harrasssment. They said it was a scare tactic that scammers use and to keep notes and they are still investigating this matter. They said they were using a technique called skimming numbers.

On Wed Dec 1, tried to call this number again to see if it would work on a regular said WYMEX test was successful???? I called it again to hear the message again, this time the Middle Eastern man answered. I asked what company I was calling and to whom I was speaking to...he yelled at me asking me who I was. I told him it was not important who I was that I wanted to know what business this was and who he was...he became angry and yelling I tell him he was not giving out information until I told him who I was...I told him all he needed to know was that their scam operation was being investigated by my Local Police and not to call me or my co-worker again! I hung up and he called me right back...and demanded to know why I called him...I just hung up on him. He called me from 05259-4517 (it is not even enough numbers for a phone number...this was the number showing up on my caller ID). He called my 2 more times that day...but there was nothing there at all when I answered...

Also later that same morning, I got a call from the Middle Eastern woman calling herself Leesa McCoy...she called from the same number that "Mark Brown" called from...but this time, she said she was from a different Law Firm! I did not catch the name...I just told her that the police were investigating this scam operation...and that it was not going to work on me and I will not be intimidated and I hung up!

They continue to call and harrass me...they call using an unknown number...they have called using different numbers...the one they use the most often is 05259-4517. They have call at least 2-3 times a day!

They have hacked into my email and computer ( I think that is what happened when it said WYMEX test was successful). I went to check my email messages and found it strange that all of my Magicjack voicemail messages had been opened...but none of my other messages... and today I checked my emails and there was an online order confirmation from Swchans food service that was made on 12/3...I was not even on the computer that day!

These people are all Middle Eastern...when they call there is alot of noise in the background like when a telemarketer calls and you can hear alot of people talking in the background. They use American Names. This is NO listing for American Law Division with Better Business Bureau and when I looked this company up on Google search...I found then allright...on Ripoff!

I have called the Credit Bureau and there is a High Security Alert from all three credit reports so they cannot open any accounts....and I have contacted my bank and have closed my account. I have a meeting with my State Representative to see if she can track down these nasty people. I am not sure what information they have gotten off my computer and will be taking my computer to get it cleaned and free of their spyware. Not sure what else to do! These people will stop at NOTHING!

I don't know whether they stole my information from an online application for a legitimate Cash Advance back in August or hacked the computer of the Cash Advance company I used. I have had all my payments taken out from my checking account and paid it off....I had confirmation showing it was paid in full...but I called the company anyway and I was in excellent standing with them. My co-worker was my reference on my application...that is how they got her phone somehow it is tied in with the real cash advance!

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