american family home ins. group not giviving the full benfit of ins policy cincinnati , Ohio - american family home

american family home
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November 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

whenever you see the name Greentree's mortgage company America home insurance co. you need run for you life they don"t care how much money you paid for your policy or how much the bottom line figure is they will not let you spend the total amount of you policy they will argue with the contractor about spending the less money possible and the cheapest material possible,for instance my hole flooring,duct work and all my under pending had to be replace in my trailer because we got flooded out during the flood in may 2010. They would not aloud the contractor to get new vents for floors,which only cost about $20. each. they would not aloud him to get new bath tubs and showers,or toilets they had to make sure they did not break or knock a hole in to the ones he had to take out because at all cost they had to put the same ones back into the home.The way they paid the contractors was terrible the adjuster would send part of the money me and i would have sign it and send it to the mortgage company the mortgage company keep it for about 2 to 3 weeks then send it to me and contractor name in the mean while we are stay in hotel with limit time they would pay for with a very sick husband,son and 3 grandkids and their mother. We had a very hard time we also lost 3 cars none of that was replace by the insurance co.they would not even discuss them.Meanwhile my husband died while we were still in the hotel,didn't have anymore money to eat with,still arguing with the insurance co.contractor still having a very hard time getting his money.contractor was very nice and helpful took so lost tried to help me thank god for him Goodman"s handyman of Dyersburg Tn. thier is so much more i could tell you but it hurts so bad every time i think about my husband for over 40 years.

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