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American Energy Solutions
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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Beware of this company! Get more than one estimate for any work, they try to charge three times as much or more than other companies! This is why they will try PRESSURE you into signing a contract on the FIRST VISIT! Insist on three local references for work that they have completed with at least one of these references being at least six months ago. They cannot provide this information because they are a fly by night operation and have done only a couple of jobs and those are within the last sixty days of this posting. One of these jobs was only partially done, they covered an area in attic of an elderly persons home to avoid insulating the whole job (they charged to do the whole attic). They also spent this customers deposit before ordering materials and are delaying ordering the windows because they spent the money! They be-rate their employees and short their pay. They don't even own a car and must rely on employees to go anywhere or call a taxi! Do a google search on dawn taylor bechtold and read about her and the fraud she has will be amazed! Do some research before doing any business with this company or person.

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