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Acai Detox Pure
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November 23, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I resent how this company portrays itself as a legitimate health and weight-loss program. There are all kinds of trademarks on the site that makes one think the story behind it is based on some kind of investigative journalism (example "as seen on" then they have many of the logos of the television networks including CNN, Fox, CBS, USA Today, Consumer Reports--I think you get the picture. Anyway, silly me, I ordered a one-month supply with the iron-clad guarantee (supposidly) that provided I cancelled by a certain date I could stop the shipments and get a refund. I called on the very date I was informed my offer was good and was informed that the period was over and "there was nothing they could do". I see it rather as there was nothing they WOULD do. I did report their shenanigans to the Better Business Bureau of Florida but I kinda think their hands are tied. I can't figure why all these big name companies (as previously listed) let these miscreants go without taking them on. I just hope no one else falls for this scam. I did take the month's supply (hey I had paid the 80 bucks so I thought I might as well use it) but it did little for any of the alleged betterments that were promised. Interesting how when you do a search for Acai Berry Scam their website pops right up as though they are the antithesis of any kind of scam. In truth, they are a scam!!!

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