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January 5, 2011, Anonymous
United States

BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS...This message it to WARN people of God about this ministry of FRAUD. "Apostle" D S Mundell and "Pastor" Maya D. Johnson are defrauding the people of God. These two people started a "ministry" in Dallas, TX. and gave new Christians false hope of building a real ministry school and recieving minstry licenses, BOTH were totally false. This is not the first time such allegations have been brought against D S Mundell, he wasaccused of a simular scam in other locations in Florida.

In 2009, they came to Dallas and started a "CAMP MEETING" at the Hotel of Americas, in Southern Central Dallas. They started by giving away money and paying people's bill or making people 'THINK' they were paying bills. Actually the money raised from "OFFERINGS" and "VOWS" wasmost likelyused to pay the bills. Think about it, if you raise $2,000 on Thursday and pay a $1,000bill on Friday, they are not loosing any money. Shortly after they started a "FREE" school of ministry but each class gave 'OFFERINGS', this is a way to avoid futureliabilities.

On September 11, 2010, they held a graduation for these students at another low budget hotel in Dallas, Texas. There were over 200 students from this school that graduated, each paid anywhere from $100 to $300 for graduation items such as cap & gown, graduation photos and YES their MINISTRY LICENSE! The event was huge, great food, entertainment and recognition. ALL TO END UP BEING A TOTAL SCAM!!!

These students (NOW MINISTERS PER THE MINISTRY) were given a laminated piece of paper with their picture poorly placed on card with MINISTRY LICENSE VERBAIGE. Maya D. Johnson (IF THAT IS HER REAL NAME) did notadd her signature tothe paper. Several students reported showing this LICENSE to preach or serve in the community, only to be told it's not worth the paper it was printed on. The SCHOOL nor the LICENSE are real, TOTAL FAKES AND NOTvalid ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES!Abundant Spirtual Life Ministries led by D S Mundell andMaya DJohnson,have total decieved the Body of Christ and may be on their way to relocate to another city in Texas. There is a reason they were run out of FLORIDA! Now they are LURKING IN A NEW STATE.

These people will pay dearly for what they have done to people who trusted them and sowed into the ministry. If there is a member or former member reading this, Know that GOD IS REAL. Anything you read in the BIBLE is truth and vengance comes from GOD. I struggled for a long time about saying anything but it is time to expose this 'GROUP' and hopefully prevent them from going to another city or state doing this same thing to others. Once the money runs out, SO WILL THEY.

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April 25, 2017, gone-wild
There are many scams out there. A person must educate themselves on how to recognize scams and con- games. Not all- but many so called "Religious"- broadcasting ministries ask for money and promise instant healing. Anyone with any sense should know that "YES" God does heal in some cases. However- the healing is not instant in front of a Television camera. healing will not come from donating large sums of money to some Religious Preacher..../ That is a con game...................I guess because people believe in God and they want healing so badly they will do anything. To my knowledge- no where in scripture does it say donate money and God will heal you instantly; It does speak about prayer and faith though/////People need to focus more on prayer- faith and time if they are seeking healing. leave your purse at home and just pray and have faith............
April 5, 2017, blondiesal22
Samething just happened in south Florida. Fort Pierce. Class was held in hotel each Saturday but students didn't graduate and the couple went AWOL near the end. Offering was taken each time and they would say the Lord told them to collect so and so amount. They were absent from school and had stand in from student. I'm not one to publicly disgrace anyone because I feel you reap what you sow. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. So they won't continue on this path if they are willfully and purposely scamming. I pray that's not the case but it appears to be. I'm not sure what city they are in now; but please pray before attending their school.

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