ABC Commercial Realty/Phil Donahue Liar, Passes Fasle Information, Irvine, California - ABC Commercial Realty/Phil

ABC Commercial Realty/Phil
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November 23, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have tried to assist and help this group and its individuals become more successful, however and without fail, he and they are inundated by false and deceptive internet postings on me by former employees and competitors. Unfortunately this has not only cost me, my staff and my company a tremendous amount of financial losses; it has taken time out from my life to address these frivolous items. If this group and these individuals would focus on the positive aspects of my company, my program, the wonderful benefits I bring to all involved, and the credible reporting agency's such as the BBB, Chamber's of Commerce or the Judicial System, who actually require VALID PROOF of each complaint, as opposed to random advertisements as easy as this, we would ALL be better off. These post are not only easy to distribute world wide, they can be sneaky, anonymous tools of destruction for ANY one or entity should people believe them. And even better, if you attempt to rebut or dispute these lies, it gets more attention. So beware, in your business life and especially in your personal life, you too can be a victim at the click of a button...........

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