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A Home Addiction/Recovery
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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

About 4 months ago, I was contacted by former clients of a Home Away asking for information that I might have in regards to this facility. They were looking to file a Class LawSuit against A Home Away.

At the time that they phoned me, my mother was in ill health, and I dismissed all but the initial phonecall.

At this time, I am eager to jump on board with a class lawsuit and have much to contribute. I was sexually molested by a counsellor of John Derry's. A counsellor who had just 1 month more of sobriety than what I had, and a counsellor whom John Derry had record of his sexual demons prior to his employment. 'said' counsellor was a previous 'guest' at A Home Away not once, but two times. , However John Derry employed him well , paid him well, while this 'guest' (as a Home Away) likes to call it ! I paid the ultimate price. What a perfect scenario for a predator to go after someone. He was my counsellor for Christ's sake!! He knew my weakness's, knew how to push my buttons, and I grew to respect this counsellor. THE PERFECT STORM !!!! DISGUSTING!!! I put ALL of my counsellor's at A HOME AWAY ON A PEDESTAL !!!! I TRUSTED THEM !!!!

My hope is to find the people that initially contacted me, and for us to be a 'team' and go forth and take down this manipulative, self-serving environment.

Please contact me at

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